Monday, November 26, 2012

Back from London!

I just came back from London last week. It is such a delight to have my pieces on display in London's famous Burlington Arcade. My new collections were very well received alongside my more familiar signature pieces.

I had a very heartfelt experience in one of the shops that carries a few of my pieces. As I was waiting with Sylvia Ogden of Richard Ogden Jewelers in Burlington Arcade, an older couple came in asking for Robert, her husband. Sylvia explained that he was not in, but more than happy to help them. Over the generations starting from the 1950's this couple had purchased all their jewelry for the milestones in their lives from Robert and his father Richard. Through the years they have bought their engagement rings, wedding bands and gifts for each other and their loved ones from this one store, and it has become tradition for them. In a time when people can shop online, or go to any other place that is more convenient, this couple continues to be patrons to their jewelry store. It was heartwarming to see this interaction unfold before me.

The streets of London, with their bustling crowds are always a highlight for me, as there is nothing like it in Los Angeles. I spent a lot of time catching up with friends and colleagues, and of course I couldn't leave London without buying at least 3 pairs of shoes. Highlights from my trip included; a visit to the Victoria Albert Museum, sipping champagne at the Olympia, an upscale antique show in London, and a quick day trip to Madrid for an important sale. Madrid was quite exciting and must I say very fashionable! I am always fascinated with people watching in European subways and streets. In Los Angels we are always so confined to our cars, that I forget what it is like to be surrounded by people.

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