Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More on The Sautoir

I was always fascinated by sautoirs. It was one of the favorite necklaces of the roaring 20s, and became a symbol of the time. The sautoir was a very long chain or beaded necklace, decorated with a tassel or pendant. The long necklace was an ideal accessory to compliment the low-waisted dress of the time. Many of the sautoir designs created by Cartier were multipurpose accessories. They were constructed in such a way that the central brooch or pendant could be removed and worn as a brooch or pin, and the chain could be detached and worn as a bracelet and shorter necklace.

Ten years ago, when I created my “Don’t Just Inherit It, Wear It” collection, I wanted to give new life to antique brooches and family heirlooms that people held onto but didn’t wear. I designed pearl necklaces from chokers to sautoirs to compliment the antique centerpieces, preserving their beauty and elegance. The brooches were removable so the necklace could be worn on its own, and the centerpiece could be interchangeable. Over the past ten years it has been my most successful collection.

I have drawn inspiration from Cartier’s designs and want to elaborate on my own sautoir collection so each segment itself can stand alone as a bracelet or shorter necklace.

If you have any unusual patterns or photographs of antique pieces please let me know!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back from London

I just recently returned from a business trip to London and attended a Bridal Show while I was there. The show was exactly what I feared it would be: a lot of gorgeous and expensive dresses and inexpensive, fake jewelry. I have experienced the same situation here in the States. Whereas the show in London was a bit more conservative, displaying mostly invitations and dresses, the shows here have more of a production in their efforts (balloons, cakes, chocolates, samples, photography...) yet one things still remains the same; it's always cheap, fake bridal jewelry. So much effort is placed in every other detail of the wedding, that I can't possibly begin to understand why bridal jewelry is overlooked.

The tassel collection that I created a week before I left, was very well received. I sold out of the few pieces I had time to create and had orders for more. The collection will comprise of what I call sophisticated tassels, made of precious stones, gold, diamonds and enamel decorated cups. The tassels will be longer, bigger and jucier! I am planning to bring more colors into my collection (I was inspired by the colorful window displays in the London stores).

Some of the new locations you can find my designs at:

Kojis at Liberties
McKenna & Co.
Bentley & Skinner
Sussanah Lovis